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1 Do you have a fixed budget, or percentage of sales, specifically allocated to marketing?
2 Do you know your conversion rate of leads into customers? (i.e. out of X number of leads, you get Y number of customers or sales that deliver $Z in profit?)
3 Do you know what your annual rescission rate is with customers and why they stop buying from/working with you?
4 Do you know the lifetime value of a new customer?
5 Do you know the average growth of organic sales per year for an existing customer?
6 Do you know your total annual sales and profit for each of the last three years?
7 Do you know how many active/paying customers you currently have?
8 Do you know how many total customers you served each of the past three years?
9 Do you know if your customer base is growing or shrinking YoY?
10 Could you verbally articulate in two sentences or less what makes your company distinctive from any competitor?
11 Do you have any strategic alliances/joint venture relationships you are currently doing promotions with right now?
12 Do you offer a bold guarantee to create distinctiveness for your company?
13 Do you regularly shop your competitors to see what they do differently?
14 Do you have industry experts actively endorsing your company?
15 Do you offer bonuses/value-add as an incentive to purchase your product or award you services?
16 Do you have an active PR program to do interviews on relevant podcasts, tradeshows, events, radio, on TV, in newspapers, or in trade magazines?
17 If yes, do you use excerpts of these placements within your sales and marketing?
18 Do you write articles, special reports, e-books, or books to share your expertise?
19 Do you host special events inviting customers and prospects to attend (e.g. seminars/webinars)?
20 Do you have a strategy and workflow in place that continually adds new prospects into your database for your sales team to mine?
21 Do you use a content marketing or marketing automation system to deliver consistent communications nurturing customers?
22 Do you use a CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, etc.) as the central repository for leads and prospect/customer lists?
23 Do you actively use the data mentioned above (CRM) to segment prospects/customers and target them specifically for your various products or services?
24 Is anyone on your team responsible for actively administering, managing, reviewing, and maintaining your CRM?
25 Is everyone that interacts directly with customers (sales, marketing, accounts, and customer service) actively using your CRM?
26 Does anyone on your team review Google Analytics on a monthly basis and make proactive recommendations based on the findings?
27 If yes, does your Google Analytics account include conversion goals tracking opt-ins and lead generation?
28 Does at least 60% of your website traffic come from organic search?
29 Do you know the main reasons your customers choose you over your competitors?
30 Do you know the top 10 objections prospects have about doing business with you?
31 Are you able to make a succinct list (with first name, last name, and company name) for your Ideal 50 prospects?
32 Do you know the average cost to acquire a new customer?
33 Do you know what the average revenue a customer's initial sale represents for your business?
34 Do you know where your biggest source of untapped new business is and how to ultimately mine it?
35 Do you personally talk to your buyers, prospects, and customers regularly to understand their pain points and build relationships with them?
36 Do you know your sales velocity (the average time it takes to close a new sale)?
37 Do you have customer testimonials and success stories available for use?
38 Do you incorporate testimonials in your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts?
39 How often do you send high-value, relevant, content-rich emails to customers and prospects?
40 Does your entire team know how to overcome your most common top 10 objections?

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Marketing Readiness Assessment

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